One Special Sleepover

Snuggle down with the latest book in the best-selling Little Hedgehog series. Little Hedgehog is having his first ever sleepover! But when a gust of wind whisks away the blanket he’s made for his friends, there’s only one thing to do! They’ll make a new blanket together – a friendship blanket for a very special sleepover!

This charming bedtime story about friendship is the perfect gift for all Little Hedgehog fans – and any child embarking on their first sleepover! With beautiful, traditional illustrations from Tina Macnaughton, little ones will love the fantastic fuzzy textures throughout!

Am avut impresia ca aceasta este ultima carte din serie, cum personajele isi amintesc momente speciale din cateva carti anterioare. Dar (desi inca nu stiu care e ordinea exacta a cartilor din aceasta serie, majoritatea fiind reeditate la un moment dat) povestea pare sa continue, asa ca in viitor e posibil sa mai adaugam la colectie cateva volume (eventual si din cele mai vechi, pe care nu le-am mai gasit acum).

Nu m-ar suprinde nici daca cel mic isi va dori sa o citeasca in casuta din copac alaturi de colegii lui. 😉

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