Marea fabrică a cuvintelor

Exista o tara in care oamenii nu vorbesc mai deloc. Este tara marii fabrici a cuvintelor. In aceasta tara stranie, cuvintele se cumpara, se inghit si abia apoi pot fi pronuntate.
Marea fabrica a cuvintelor lucreaza fara incetare, zi dupa zi, noapte de noapte. Din utilaje ies cuvinte de toate soiurile, variate, la fel ca si cuvintele oricarei alte limbi. Unele sunt mai ieftine, altele mai scumpe, iar cele scumpe sunt rostite mai rar si doar de catre cei bogati. In tara marii fabrici a cuvintelor costa mult sa vorbesti…

EN: Phileas’s Fortune: A Story about Self-Expression

How can Phileas express himself to Cybele when he doesn’t have the right words say? How can he tell her how he feels when he doesn’t have enough money to buy the words?
Phileas’s Fortune reveals the power of language and self-expression. Words are important, but what is more significant is the sincerity and character behind what is actually being said. True self-expression comes from deep inside. And, in the end, heart is always more meaningful than money

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