One Snowy Night

Jewel-like colors, animals with unmistakable character, and a flocked woolly hat on every page enhance this tender story about a little hedgehog who is caught unprepared by a chilly winter wind.

When Little Hedgehog wakes from his deep winter sleep, he finds a very special gift. It’s a snug, woolly hat and it turns out to be the best Christmas present ever! This adorable set with a soft Little Hedgehog toy and a Christmassy book is the perfect Christmas gift for any Little Hedgehog fan.

O carticica simpatica despre placerea de a darui si bucuria de a avea prieteni.

Lucas s-a indragostit de personaje cand calatoream si singura carte (noua) disponibila facea parte din aceasta serie. Drept urmare, “One snowy night” a fost primita cu multa caldura.

Formatul mic o face si mai dragalasa, iar ariciul de plus face lectura sa fie cu atat mai placuta.

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