Corabia cu coarne

Cand o corabie cu coarne ajunge in port, o vulpe curioasa se alatura echipajului de porumbei curajosi si cerbi infometati porniti in cautarea aventurii, a ierburilor dulci si a raspunsurilor la unele dintre cele mai misterioase intrebari ale vietii.

Primul lucru care imi vine in minte cand ma gandesc la aceasta carte este ca una dintre pagini este inchisa la culoare cu text negru, si mi-ar placea ca cei care au considerat ca acest lucru e o idee buna sa vina si sa ii citeasca pruncului inainte de culcare :))

Dar mai in gluma, mai in serios, “Corabia cu coarne” este o carte frumos ilustrata despre curiozitate, despre prietenie, despre indarjirea de a-ti indepli un vis, indiferent de greutatile intampinate.

EN: The Antlered Ship by Dashka Slater (Goodreads Author), Eric Fan (Illustrator), Terry Fan (Illustrator)

An inquisitive fox sets off on a seafaring voyage with a crew of deer and pigeons in this enchanting tale of friendship and adventure. 

Marco the fox has a lot of questions, like: how deep does the sun go when it sinks into the sea? And why do birds have such lizardy feet? But none of the other foxes share his curiosity. So when a magnificent ship adorned with antlers and with a deer for a captain arrives at the dock looking for a crew, Marco volunteers, hoping to find foxes who are as inquisitive as he is that can answer his questions. The crew finds adventure and intrigue on their journey. And, at last, Marco finds the answer to his most important question of all: What’s the best way to find a friend you can talk to?

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