Magnus si leul noptii

Uneori Magnus se teme noaptea. Şi, dacă ţi-e frică, ai nevoie de cineva care să fi e mereu alături de tine.Atunci când băiatul este păzit de Leul Nopţii, niciun vis urât nu-l mai poate speria.Când ai un leu drept prieten, nu poţi fi altfel decât curajos!

Inca o carte simpatica despre teama de intuneric si cum poate fi ea invinsa.

EN: The Night Lion

From rising star Sanne Dufft comes a richly illustrated picture book about nighttime fears, a grandmother’s love, and the power of a child’s imagination.

Morgan, an endearing tousle-haired little boy, feels big and strong during the day with his tall hat and his toy sword. But at night, when he dreams that a robber is coming through the woods to take these precious possessions, all of Mom’s assurances that “there is no robber” are not enough to ease his fears. Then Nana brings Morgan a stuffed toy lion, because everybody needs a lion sometimes – and because sometimes, fears in a child’s mind can only be conquered with the imagination. That night, Morgan rides a life-sized Night Lion into the woods and together they drive the robber far away. Comforting watercolor illustrations soothe any scary scenes, and the magical Night Lion will find an instant welcome in young readers’ hearts.

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